Life Insurance With Free Gift – 2021 Best Free Gifts Ranked Here!

Life Insurance With Free Gift – 2021 Best Free Gifts Ranked Here!

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*Updated 2021 – If you’re looking for a life insurance with free gift and not sure which company to go with, we have the information you need! No need to keep searching the web, we’ve done all the hard work for you! Just keep reading…Often there’s too much choice and the best deals all seem similar. But life insurance with a free gift such as a free laptop or free gift card might then help to tip the scale. The aim of this article is to save you time making this tricky decision. Here is a review of the best life insurance free gift deals in the UK market. There are some great choices and very generous offers and we’ve also included some of the best over 50 life insurance with free gift deals too.Keep reading as some of these companies are offering life insurance with a free Apple Watch, or free ipad and even life insurance with a free laptop!Another important thing to remember is the small print, what do you need to do to be entitled to your free gift? Let’s look at some different offers.

Discount Life Cover (Yes That’s Us!)

Why cant we plug our own free gift hey? Before looking at all the other’s below, we just thought we’d tell you about our offer. So for each life insurance that you take out, we will offer £100 in amazon vouchers. This is subject to a minimum premium of £30 per month and a term of at least 12 years. Payouts are made only once the policy has been on risk for 3 months. For more information please give us a call on 0207 112 8844 or why not just get a quote.

Compare the Market – Amazon Gift Card £195

You’ll see a lot of gift cards, Amazon, or other popular retailers, offered with life insurance. Compare the Market offers the most money, at just under £200. Now let’s get to the small print.The gift card doesn’t start at £195, it depends on which premium you go for, and the breakdown looks a bit like this.
  • £50+ monthly with Beagle Street – £195 gift card
  • £0-£10 with Zurich £35 gift card
  • Legal and General – £30 gift card
  • All other brands – £25 gift card
You’ll also only receive your free gift after paying three months of premium, and the offer is only available online. After your third payment, your gift takes 45 days to arrive, so it might be a lot of money, but it’ll be a while before you’re shopping on Amazon.

Direct Line – Amazon, M&S or Love2Shop Gift card £180

Again here the advertised £180 is the maximum offer for higher premiums. Direct Line gives you more choice, however, and the price doesn’t depend on the company, but all Direct Line policies are with Legal & General. Here is their small print.
  • 6 months wait til you receive your gift card
  • £6-£10 premium – £35 gift card
  • £10-£20 premium – £60 gift card
  • £30+ premium – £180 gift card
It’s a good idea to work out how much you’ll be likely to be paying on your insurance. Prices are often competitive, so you can find out which free gift you’re entitled to.

Churchill – Amazon, M&S or Tesco e-Gift-card £180

This is a pretty good offer as with the inclusion of Tesco you can also buy yourself some affordable groceries. The amount still depends on the premium you pay, however. Churchill insurance is provided by AIG, so if you’ve been with them before you won’t be eligible. Here is the lowdown for Churchill.
  • £4-£10 premium – £35 gift card
  • £10-£20 premium – £60 gift card
  • £30+ premium – £180 gift card
  • 6 months wait on all free gifts

MoneySupermarket – Amazon Gift card £100

MoneySupermarket has the edge a little bit here because the gift card amount doesn’t depend on your premium. In fact, you’re entitled to the full £100 regardless of what you pay. Unfortunately, you will still need to wait 6 months to be eligible. Let’s recap.
  • After your 6th payment, you’ll be contacted in 40 days to claim gift card
  • You’ll then need to wait a further 28 days to receive your gift card
  • …but anyone on any life insurance premium is entitled to the full £100
This might seem like a long time to wait but at least it’ll be worth it when it finally arrives.

Beagle Street – Amazon Gift card £100

After reading through the small print it might work out better for you free gift-wise to go with a higher premium through Compare the Market. They offer a £195 voucher for Beagle Street deals over £50 a month. This is only if you’re planning to pay such a high premium. If not, the breakdown with Beagle Street life insurance is as follows.
  • £10-£19.99 premium – £50 gift card
  • £20.00-£29.99 premium – £75 gift card
  • £30+ premium – £100 gift card
You’ll need to wait until you’ve paid at least 6 months before you receive your gift card in all cases. It can take 30 days to arrive.

Zurich – John Lewis, Love2Shop, Amazon Gift Vouchers £100

This recently updated offer is a pretty good deal. You can spend your Love2Shop voucher in several high street retailers such as Halfords, GAP, Curries, and Boots, so there’s something for everyone. Some differences with Zurich life insurance are that you have to apply over the phone or online using a promo code to be eligible (which is easy enough to do), and the offer is only available on policies taken out before 31/12/20. It’s also restricted to life insurance policies that start before 01/07/21. Here’s their premium vs. voucher breakdown.
  • £17.50 premium – £100 voucher
  • £15 premium – £90 voucher
  • £12.50 premium – £75 voucher
  • £10 premium – £60 voucher
  • £7.50 premium – £45 voucher
  • £5 premium – £30 voucher
You’ll still have to wait 6 months for whatever voucher you get.

Vitality – Partners and Rewards

Vitality offer something “positively different”, yet somewhat more complicated than its worth. With Vitality life insurance, you will be entitled to some discounts and offers with their partners. This stands out as a great free gift option because you have a lot of choice. Some of their reward partners include Virgin Active, Vue/Cineworld, and Amazon Prime.“The big one” at the moment is the free Apple watch. You can apply for this as an exiting customer or as a new client. Its offered with life insurance and health insurance. You can read more about the Vitality Apple Watch deal here.If you are on a higher premium you will get discounts with these companies, but only people on the Vitality Life policy are eligible, and this could set you back £45 monthly for a single plan or £60 for a joint policy. What’s more, is that it’s based on a points system that is added up over the months. Let’s recap the small print.
  • Minimum premium of £45 to be eligible
  • Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser add-on necessary with the Vitality Life policy
Again it’s a good idea to have a think about how much you’re planning on paying for your life insurance, and which free gift appeals to you the most. Maybe it’ll be more worthwhile for you to save some money on your gym membership, rather than a shopping spree on Amazon.

Great Deals For The Best Over 50 Life Insurance With Free Gifts

We’ve looked at a few examples of top free gifts for life insurance but let’s take a moment to focus on those over-50 insurance plans. Here is a lowdown of the best over 50 life insurance with free gift.


Sainsbury’s is at the top of the list with the biggest total reward for Nectar cardholders. With a low minimum premium, you are rewarded with double Nectar points and shopping discounts. Let’s take a look at the breakdown.
  • Minimum £5 premium – £90 Nectar points + double points on shopping and fuel during the policy period
  • Double points rewarded immediately
  • Extra 18,000 Nectar points after 5 months
  • You spend £40 weekly on shopping/£10 on fuel – an additional £25 each per year
This is a great incentive for Sainsbury’s shoppers, so look into their life insurance deals.

Sun Life

Sun Life offers the best single reward. You’re talking about the biggest payout in one go. Your free gift with Sunlife is a Love2Shop gift card of up to £110. You can then spend this in many high street shops. With a minimum premium of only £3.50, this is one of the best life insurance with free gift offers. Here it is again.
  • £3.70 monthly premium – £110 Love2Shop gift card
  • Giftcard available after 6 months
Unlike with Sainsbury’s double Nectar points, you’ll have to wait a while for this one to arrive, but it’s certainly a bonus.

Royal London

Royal London life insurance has a USP to offer in the form of a cash reward. You’ll need to be patient, however, as you won’t get your cash payout until after the first 8 months. Instead, you could opt for an Argos or M&S gift voucher worth £100. Here are the offer details.
  • £7 minimum premium – £100 cash via cheque / £100 Argos or M&S Voucher
  • 8 months to qualify
This is one of the best life insurance with free gift ideas for the over-50s market.

Direct Line

Direct Line’s £100 Love2Shop voucher still stands as a great deal on life insurance with free gift. Including Love2Shop in the giftcard mix is very appealing to many customers due to the range of shops it includes. You only need a low monthly premium of £5.
  • £5 monthly premium – £100 Love2Shop voucher/li>
  • 6 months to qualify
One of the main advantages of this free gift is flexibility, as the voucher can be used in a number of retailers.


Churchill offers life insurance premiums to the over-50s life insurance for as little as £5 a month. In exchange for this, you qualify for a £100 gift card for M&S, Amazon, or Tesco. With the option to spend the gift card in a variety of ways, this offer’s flexibility as well. The free gift becomes available after you’ve paid your 6th month premium.
  • £5 monthly premium – £100 gift card for M&S, Amazon or Tesco
  • Available after 6 months
Of course, these are all fabulous free gifts but remember they’re just an extra incentive. Make sure you do your research and are fully informed about the life insurance policies offered before you decide on a company.
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