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Whole-of-life insurance or whole life insurance is a policy that will pay out regardless of your age of death. Find out more about the ins and outs of this coverage by checking out our thorough guide to what you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

Choosing a whole life insurance policy is tricky. There are so many options that it's tough to pinpoint the type of coverage you need and the best UK provider. At Discount Life Cover, we aim to make the process easier and less complicated for our customers. Whether you're searching for a whole-of-life insurance policy or mortgage life insurance, we can assist you throughout your journey.

Of course, it's better for your peace of mind and stress levels if you can invest in a policy and not have to worry about it again. No fuss, no hassle. This is just one of the advantages of whole life insurance.

What Is A Whole-Of-Life Insurance Policy?

A whole-of-life policy covers you no matter when you die. Although this sounds as if it's a basic principle of insurance, the reality is different. Term life insurance, for instance, only pays out if you pass within the duration of your policy.

When you pass, your insurance coverage will ensure that your loved ones receive a lump sum payment as specified in the contract.


How Does A Whole Of Life Insurance Policy Work.

In the UK, whole life insurance policies can be used to cover a range of expenses, including funeral costs, outstanding debts, and even inheritance tax. With whole life insurance, you pay a set premium for the duration of the policy, and upon your death, your beneficiaries receive a tax-free lump sum payment.

One of the benefits of whole life insurance is that it can be used as a tool for estate planning. In the UK, inheritance tax is currently set at 40% on estates worth over £325,000, which can significantly reduce the value of your estate. However, by taking out a whole life insurance policy, you can ensure that your beneficiaries have the funds to pay for any inheritance tax owed, preserving your estate for future generations.

When considering whole life insurance, it's important to shop around and compare whole life insurance quotes to ensure that you get the best possible life insurance cost. Factors that can impact the cost of whole life insurance include your age, medical history, and lifestyle habits.

To find the best whole life insurance policies and life assurance coverage for your needs, it may be helpful to consult with a financial adviser. A financial adviser can help you navigate the various options available and find a life insurance plan that meets your individual needs and budget.

It's important to note that while whole life insurance policies can provide long-term financial security, the life insurance claims process can be complex. When a policyholder passes away, their beneficiaries will need to make a claim to the insurance company to receive the payout. The life insurance claims process typically involves submitting a death certificate and other documentation to verify the policyholder's death and initiate the payout.

If you're considering taking out a whole life insurance policy, it's important to understand the terms and conditions of the policy, including any exclusions or limitations. Some policies may have restrictions on coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or may not provide coverage for certain types of deaths, such as suicide or deaths resulting from criminal activity.

Another factor to consider when taking out whole life insurance is the potential tax implications. While the lump sum payment received by beneficiaries is typically tax-free, any interest earned on the policy may be subject to capital gains tax.

In summary, whole of life insurance policies can provide long-term financial security for you and your loved ones, covering expenses such as funeral costs and inheritance tax. To find the best whole life insurance policies and life assurance coverage for your needs, it's important to shop around and compare whole life insurance quotes, consult with a financial adviser, and understand the terms and conditions of the policy. While the life insurance claims process can be complex, having a whole life insurance policy in place can provide peace of mind and financial security for years to come.

Why Is This Important?
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People prefer whole-of-life insurance because it pays out no matter what. Yes, the monthly premiums might be higher, but it's a cost you could be willing to pay to safeguard your family's future. Plus, there is less stress. Once you research the terms and conditions and include the necessary extras, you don't need to fret about the duration of your policy.

Early Cash-In

Alternatively, you might like the idea of cashing in your insurance policy early. That way, you can ensure you receive a return on your investment. Or it could be essential to cover unforeseen debts and arrears.

An early cash-in is a feature of most whole-of-life insurance policies. You should double-check, but the average lender often allows holders to get some level of payout before they die.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price is always a factor regarding whole life insurance. With a whole-of-life policy, the expenses are higher because you or your family are guaranteed to receive a payout at some point. Therefore any whole life insurance provider will have to make sure they are trying to cover that guaranteed eventuality. It's essential to understand the costs involved beforehand and the chances are you will be paying these premiums for a long time....hopefully :). Therefore it's extremely important to make sure the provider you choose is the right one at the right price. Comparing whole of life insurance quotes from all the UK providers is the best way to do this. Our whole life comparison allows you to do exactly this.  Compare whole life insurance quotes using our discounted online quote and apply system and get covered today.

Figuring out how much the payments will be isn't straightforward as every whole-of-life quote is different. It's tailored to the individual. However, the following are the factors that affect rates:

  • How much cover do you want
  • Your age
  • Your health
  • Lifestyle

A whole of life insurance calculator will help you calculate the likely premiums so that you can decide whether a policy is suitable.

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The Different Types Of Cover

Whole-of-life insurance is available in two main forms: standard and maximum cover. Understanding the differences between them and how they affect your premiums and payout is vital if you want to secure the best possible deal.

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Standard Cover

Standard cover is the most popular form of whole-of-life insurance because it guarantees a payout. Your premiums are set, plus you get to agree to a fixed lump sum payment when you die. As a result, standard cover is an excellent option as it means there is some form of protection for when you pass.

However, the premiums don't decrease over time. Therefore, you'll pay the same monthly amount for the duration of your cover, which is potentially expensive depending on your finances.

Maximum Cover

Maximum cover is a lot cheaper, yet it comes with more risks. Although it can be complicated, the simplified version is that your insurer uses your premiums to invest. Whatever the returns, they use them to cover the amount payable at the end of the policy. The problem is that you are liable for investments that don't work out, even though they aren't yours.

This means the risk of increased premiums is high. Alternatively, your insurer might reduce the payout, causing your family to receive less money.

Who Should Buy Whole-Of-Life Insurance?

The best candidates are the people who want to leave behind a nest egg for their family or cover their debts when they die. The fact that a payout is guaranteed allows you to enjoy your golden years without having to fret about your family's long-term future.

Another candidate is anyone who has a valuable estate. Inheritance tax is charged at 40% of the value of your wealth over £325,000. So, it's not rare for families to have to sell properties just to cover the cost of inheritance tax. Thankfully, the guaranteed payout gives your loved ones the resources to eliminate a hefty tax bill.

As long as your life insurance is 'written in trust,' the government won't get a penny.

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Who Shouldn't Buy Whole-Of-Life Insurance?

If you're worried about your finances, a whole-of-life policy probably isn't a suitable investment. While everybody wants to leave behind a nest egg, the fact that the premiums don't change makes it challenging to keep up with the payments.

Also, your mortgage might be gone, and your kids could be financially independent. Therefore, term life insurance is often a wise choice.

Is Whole-Of-Life Insurance Worth It?

Yes. Not only is it affordable, but whole-of-life insurance is an excellent way to ensure your family isn't crippled by any remaining debts after you die. There are drawbacks, but this is the same for every life insurance policy. As long as you shop around for a fantastic deal, and include the correct add-ons, a whole-of-life contract will provide you with comprehensive coverage regardless of your age.

Discount Life Cover

We want you to enjoy your life without constantly stressing about what will happen if you die. That's why a whole-of-life insurance quote from us is tailored to your specific requirements.

The future doesn't have to be unpredictable. Call us now to set up a long-lasting plan that is guaranteed.

Discount Life Insurance…Why Use Us

We are an online advice service and as such have little overheads which enables us to give away more commission enabling us to me extremely competitive on price.

Having said all this, life insurance is not always about price and there are differences in the types of cover offered by providers. So we also provide an “advised sale” which means that we take on responsibility to make sure the policy you take is the right one and the most suitable for your circumstances.

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