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How Do I Get The Apply Watch With Vitality?

For a limited time you can get Life insurance with an Apple Watch Series 6 from £37 upfront (depending on the model) when you have a qualifying Vitality Life Insurance Plan. Then, depending on your activity levels you could pay between £0 to £9.50 per month spread over three years.

You’ll will need to agree to a 36 month, 0% APR consumer credit agreement with etika. If you’re an existing Vitality member, and have already made use of the Apple Watch benefit, please log into your Member Zone to find out if you qualify. You can choose between GPS or GPS + Cellular. GPS + Cellular
enables you to use most of the features of iPhone, even when you leave your iPhone at home.

To buy an Apple Watch through Vitality, you need to have one of the following plans:

  • Health insurance – any private health insurance plan.
  • Business Health Insurance
    Business health insurance - This can be either any small business health insurance plan or any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by Vitality, with Vitality Plus benefits
  • Life insurance – any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus benefits. You’ll also need to pay at least £45 a month for an individual Plan or £60 a month for a joint Plan, excluding any fee paid for Vitality Plus.

Can I have The Watch If I'm An Existing Vitality member?

Existing vitality members may well still qualify for the apple watch. All you need to do is log in to the Member Zone to find out if you qualify.

• Apple Watch Series 6 will start from £145 upfront
• Apple Watch SE is not available as a second watch
• You can order one Apple Watch per plan. So if there is more than one adult on a plan, only one adult member will be able to order an Apple Watch. This includes any existing Apple Watch consumer credit agreements in place.

Vitality are offering Apple Watch Series 6 with the following cases and straps:

What happens to my Apple watch if I leave vitality?

If you cancel your plan or leave your company scheme, your credit loan agreement for your Apple Watch will continue with etika Limited. As you won't be earning Vitality activity points, your monthly Direct Debit payments will switch to the maximum amount per month for the remaining period of your credit loan agreement.

How to link apple watch to vitality

Connect Apple Watch, Apple Health, and the Vitality Member app
Step 1 - Download the Vitality Member app. Enter your Member Zone username and password.
Step 3 - Connect the Vitality Member app to Apple Health.
Step 4 - Choose which Apple Health data sources to read.

You can download the app here.

Vitality Life insurance Review and Compare

Choosing the right life and critical illness cover is crucial for ensuring that you’re paying into a package that’s worth your while. The trouble is that every life insurance provider has a pretty pressing incentive to claim that their policies are best.

One such provider is Vitality life insurance, who’s tagline ‘positively different insurance and investments’ makes an immediately high claim. As does their award-winning policy status and reward-based model. As a provider they are slightly different in their approach with deals such as the life insurance apple watch deal, as well as incentives to stay healthy.

But, none of this tells you who Vitality are, or what they offer from their policies on a broader scale. That’s why we’ve delved into the details to help you decide whether Vitality life insurance is for you.

Who Owns Vitality Life Insurance?

First, it’s essential to understand who Vitality is/what they’re aiming to do as a company.

The most notable thing about this South African-owned company is their rewards programme. Underlying all their insurance policies, this encourages and even rewards you for living a healthier life. That’s a pretty unique stance for an insurer, and it’s one that’s led to a host of glowing Vitality life insurance reviews.

Effectively, Vitality works off a shared value model made possible by their partners and rewards, which include discounts at hotels through Mr & Mrs. Smith and Virgin Active gym discounts, to name a few.

They offer both term life insurance and whole life insurance policies and mostly claim to provide more comprehensive packages than many providers elsewhere. You can compare life insurance quotes here and see how our quotes a the best!

Vitality life insurance Reviews Are GOOD!

Vitality life insurance reviews are in general pretty good. They are Defaqto 5-star rated from the off, and those shared value models we discussed above mean that Vitality goes as far as claiming that they can save you £730 a year here.

So far, so good, but, ultimately, we aren’t here to discuss those extra bonuses, so let’s discuss the quality of this policy itself.

Ultimately, Vitality offers four different policy types, which can be purchased on either a one-time basis or as part of an insurance package. They are -

  • Life cover: Available on a term or whole life basis, this basic policy offers a guaranteed lump sum cash payment in the event of your death.
  • Serious illness cover: We’ll look further into this cover next but, primarily, this plan offers a lump sum payment if you receive a life-changing diagnosis for both severe and non-threatening illnesses.
  • Mortgage protection cover: Ensures mortgage payments if you die/are unable to work or complete your payment terms due to illness.
  • Income protection cover: Ensures your monthly income if you’re unable to work

As with the majority of providers, premiums on these packages depend on everything from your age, height, and risk, but packages can begin as low as £9.75 per month with structures available, including level cover, indexed cover, and decreasing cover.

How Much Is Vitality Life Insurance?

The cost of life insurance with Vitality really comes down to a few things:

  • How old is the life assured?
  • How much cover are you looking to take out?
  • Over what term are you looking to take out he cover?
  • Do you have any health issues?

Vitality offer quite a few variations of life cover so it also depends on which product you decide to go with. Their low start optimized products offer a discount at the front end. But its then on your shoulders to make sure you keep healthy and report in to Vitality so they can track your health. The healthier you are the cheaper your premiums will be.

Vitality serious illness cover

Vitality does not offer a critical illness policy but has replaced this with a supposedly more comprehensive plan, which they call serious illness cover. The obvious benefit here is that this policy covers not only critical conditions but also non-threatening yet equally disruptive diagnoses. This leads to coverage of 182 conditions in total, which Vitality claims is more than any other replica policy.

To further justify the 5* rating that this policy has also earned, Vitality offers payments even at the beginning stages of a condition/treatment journey, a fact that significantly contributes to the average £20 million payouts from this plan annually. Further, it’s possible to boost that initial plan for payments of up to 200% for long-term debilitating conditions. Vitality even goes as far as allowing you to add children to your policy for coverage that comes anywhere between £20,000 and £100,000.

What do their customers say?

Of course, you can never truly understand how worth your while a policy will prove until you’ve considered consumer reviews surrounding it. Luckily for Vitality, their 1,000,000+ members offer favourable reviews indeed, with five-star ratings given pretty much across their insurance board. Of course, that’s hardly surprising given their unique focus on reward-led policies complete with comprehensive coverage. Still, the flexible and expansive plans on offer also seem to win people around to their cause. Do note, though, that many consumers report trouble with actually contacting the customer services department when difficulties arise.

In conclusion

Vitality is an interesting provider, and their life insurance and serious illness policies are certainly worth your while if you’re seeking plans that pay now, as well as in the future. Just think about whether those rewards would suit your needs/location, and whether a sometimes unreachable customer services department would be a significant issue for you.

Discount Vitality Life Insurance…Why Use Us

We are an online advice service and as such have little overheads which enables us to give away more commission enabling us to me extremely competitive on price. This enables us to sometimes offer Vitality Life Insurance cheaper than going direct.

Having said all this, life insurance is not always about price and there are differences in the types of cover offered by providers. So we also provide an “advised sale” which means that we take on responsibility to make sure the policy you take is the right one and the most suitable for your circumstances.

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